About Qualia

Qualia Creative is a design agency that develops engaging, lasting communication solutions through considered, strategic thinking. We cultivate a responsive working relationship with our clients by bringing a combination of experience, knowledge and sensitivity to realising project outcomes.

Our name, Qualia, comes from a concept in philosophy that refers to the qualities of subjective experience: things like the blueness of the sky, the taste of coffee, or the anticipatory buzz of a theatre lobby. We understand that our clients sell more than just products, places, or services. What they really offer is the value those things represent to the buyer. Through design, strategic thinking, and storytelling, we build brands that embody treasured experiences and attributes like contentment and achievement, beauty and serenity, memory and our hopes for the future. Enriched by those associations, the work we craft lifts the value of brands and delivers returns for the organisations they belong to.

Crafting design and content for multiple communication channels—from digital formats to print, video, signage, visual merchandising and more—can be a complex endeavour. Our process starts with a conversation about our clients’ needs that takes a holistic view of the many ways in which we can enhance their brand and tell their story. We develop close, direct, relationships with your key creative and management staff to enable efficient communication and updates at each stage of every project, and so the finished work reflects a deep understanding of your organisation, its offering, and its audience.


Over more than 20 years in the business, we’ve developed an exceptionally broad portfolio of clients and experience.

We have particular areas of specialty in:

– Brand audits & research –
– Brand and marketing strategy –
– Brand identity & logo development –
– Graphic design & visual assets –
– Copywriting & tone of voice –
– Publication & collateral –
– Websites & apps –
– Social media & content marketing –
– Photography & video –
– Brand guidelines –
– Project management & production liaison –

Branding and marketing services

Brand design and collateral
A brand that communicates quality and evokes cherished emotions adds measurable value to your organisation. We’re adept at crafting appealing visual identities and the messages that go with them, and in working to give form and voice to established brands. Across clients in a range of industries, we have particular strengths in working on the presentation and marketing of fast-moving consumer goods, commercial and residential property, and land development.

Property marketing and place branding.
Appealing brands for built and natural environments need a visual character that communicates the spirit of a place and its connection to identity, experience, and emotion. Our deep experience in creating design work for marketing property and land extends to developing stories and designs that add meaning and value to all kinds of places—from homes and offices to landscapes and locales.

Education and learning platforms.
Appealing visuals and thoughtfully designed user experiences make learning more compelling and effective. We have extensive expertise in the development of online learning environments and //adaptable// training modules, including internal training platforms for banks, big business, and universities and vocational colleges.

Cultural identity and environmental graphics.
Galleries, theatres, catwalks, and events all gain a sense of occasion from great design that imbues them with a memorable and skilfully executed visual idea. We conceive and implement design concepts for these settings along with retail and hospitality spaces and even wayfinding and environmental graphics for transport hubs, event venues, and other major buildings.



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